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Family Vacation, June 2013

June 2013 and another family vacation - this time not one of our extended trips but a short vacation taking in some places that we have all wanted to visit. The premise of the trip to start was family related. Deb's sister who lives in Las Vegas had a milestone birthday - her 80th. So, we flew out to Las Vegas to surprise her for her birthday. And - surprised - she sure was - we went to the place she works at, pre-arranged with other family members of course and a co-worker asked her to come out because she needed some assistance. Well, needless to say, when she came out to the restaurant area, she was suitably surprised by the 3 of us.

Following some time exploring Las Vegas and some of it's casinos, the world famous Heart Attack Grill and the rest of the sights, we headed out to the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, Black Canyon and finally the Grand Canyon.

As happens with all vacations, we didn't have a chance to do everything we wanted, but for sure, we will have to go back.

The pages attached are the pictures taken by all of us on the trip.